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SPP’s Workout Schedule

Monday 6 AM……….@Glassell
Tuesday 6 AM......….@ Glassell
Wednesday 6 AM.....@Glassell
Wednesday 7 AM…..@Glassell - NEW!
Wednesday 6 PM......@ PCC (evening)**
Thursday 6 AM.....…..@ Glassell
Friday 6 AM.........…..@ Glassell
Friday 7 AM…………..@ Glassell - NEW!
Saturday 8:30 AM..…@ PCC**

All workouts 1 hour long
Updated June 2, 2019

**Pasadena City College Aquatic Center
1570 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106.

Free Parking for SPP at Pasadena College; lot
#3 in the NE Corner during practice times only.

**Glassell Park pool is located at 3704 Verdugo
Road in Los Angeles

SilverPeak Performance is a Masters swim team and Triathlon team as well as a fully accredited 501(c)3 with outreach programs that sponsor people with special needs.

SPP provides a safe, positive, all inclusive environment for all people in the community to enjoy a healthy lifestyle through triathlon and Masters swimming. SPP triathlon and swim teams fund programs that sponsor challenged athletes in our community.

SPP applies a combination of Masters swim team and Triathlon teams monthly dues, corporate sponsors and donations, to fund the professional coaching, transportation, athletic gear, event registration fees, and strategic planning.  A Board of Directors ensures that the funds raised get to the people who need them.

Silver Peak Performance is also one of only two USMS certified Adult Learn-To-Swim Programs in Southern California. We’re very passionate about this initiative, and you can learn more about it here.

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Our Coaches 


Charles McPeak - Head Coach

Charles McPeak was born in Southern California in the amazing Los Angeles sun and he has been swimming forever. As an age group swimmer, Charles competed with YMCA youth competition swim league and The Glendale Seals.  Additionally, he was nationally ranked in both leagues. As a high school swimmer Charles participated in CIF and has several Glendale High School records. One of these records is currently standing for the 500 Freestyle.

After high school, he received scholarship offers for several division one universities and competed on the national level in 1990 and 1991. After a long hiatus, Coach Charles returned to swimming in 2013 and became a triathlete. He continues to compete on the Master’s Level. In 2017, he was ranked in the top 20; in 2018 he is ranked in the top 20 for USMS in several events. For the 2018 short course yards season, he qualified for six events on the national level alongside three other team members, with a Top Ten finish in the men’s 1000 yards.

Coach Charles is a USMS Certified Coach and holds Red Cross certifications in CPR and First Aid. Charles McPeak founded SilverPeak Performance in 2016. Utilizing the Total Immersion Stroke (USA Triathlon- [USAT] sanctioned), SPP’s dynamic coaching with an emphasis on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will maximize the quality of workouts for its swimmers – whether you are a fitness swimmer, a competitive swimmer, or a triathlete.


Tom Reichhardt

Tom is a beloved and devoted member of SPP, who recently returned to swimming in 2015 just for fitness. He has since obtained his USMS Coaching Certification and participated in several Triathlons and Swim meets. His favorite drill is Pulling, because it forces you to have proper hand position through, catch, pull/power, exit and even the recovery part of the stroke.


Anthony Galvez

Anthony was born in Los Angeles, California. At age 8 he joined the YMCA to start swim lessons. This is where he fell in love with the water and started competing with the Glendale YMCA swim team. He won multiple medals and awards in that club.  Even as a young swimmer, he knew that he could be better and swim faster. 

At age 12 he joined the Rose Bowl age group swim team, where he saw major improvement. This is where he figured out he was proficient at distance swimming and butterfly. He was even able to go to junior Olympics at age 14 for the mile and 1000 yard swim. 

At age 15 he moved to Fontana, California Where he enrolled as a sophomore at Etiwanda high school. He continued doing his distance events for the next three years, receiving Top Five Honors in the 500 Yard Freestyle.  

After graduating high school in 2015 he decided to take a break from swimming. In early 2018 he made his way to Glassell Park Pool to get back in the water, where he met Coach Charles and the rest is history.  Anthony has competed in Short Course Meters Championships and has just begun the Short Course  Yards season with the team.  He became a USMS Certified Coach in November of 2018. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SilverPeak Performance?

We are a USMS (United States Masters Swimming) Swim Team and Triathlon team based in Los Angeles. SPP is a non-profit organization whose mission is to make the sports of swimming and triathlon more accessible to our community.

What is United States Masters Swimming?

USMS is a national membership-operated nonprofit organization that provides membership benefits to nearly 60,000 Masters swimmers across the country. You can read all about USMS here.

Do I have to be a member of USMS to join SilverPeak Performance?

Initially, no. You can sign up for a 30 day trial membership with USMS before paying the registration fee. However, USMS is the organization who insures our swim team, so we will ask you to register with USMS after 60 days. PLUS – if you decide eventually to compete in swim meets, you’ll need to be a member.

Does it cost money to join your team?

We are a membership club and we do operate on a monthly dues system. Dues are $75. We offer a Family Plan (two members of the same household) at $90 monthly.

There are several ways to pay your dues: PayPal, Venmo, Online Invoice through QuickBooks, and through our website.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Our members can pay month-to-month. You CAN pay for your year upfront and get a discount of one month ($825 for the year)

Where do you practice?

SPP-Land is located at Glassell Park Swimming Pool at 3704 Verdugo Road in Los Angeles.

You said something about being a non-profit organization?

YES. SilverPeak Performance is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 81-5429840. Any donations made to the club are completely tax-deductible. You may donate online through our website, PayPal, or by sending a check to
SilverPeak Performance
10559 Nassau Avenue
Sunland, CA 91040

What equipment do I need?

A swimming suit, of course. SPP has some equipment on deck that you can use at practice, but Coach Charles strongly recommends investing in your own equipment. A well-prepared swimmer will have:

Pull Buoy

All of these items can be purchased at our Team Store at Swim Outlet.
You will receive an SPP swim cap at your first practice. The first cap is free; replacements are $5 each.

Is swimming fun?

WHAT? Are you kidding? Swimming is amazing. Low impact, high calorie burn, concentrate on your VO2 numbers, challenge yourself to the highest limits!! You’ll find muscles you never knew you had!

Do I have to compete to workout with you guys?

Nope. You are more than welcome to compete at any event of your choosing – or not at all. Your choice completely.

I’m a triathlete. Why should I join you guys?

Our Head Coach, Charles McPeak, is also a triathlete. His workouts are geared towards the Master’s Swimmer and the Triathlete. Our workouts will help you become a more relaxed and efficient swimmer…which will make you a much stronger triathlete. Several IRONMAN finishers have had great success working out with our team.

I’m in. How do I start?

That’s Easy! Click the button below to get started.