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SilverPeak Performance offers two opportunities to shop for SPP apparel and gear.

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Our Swim Outlet store features all the gear you need for swim workouts and beyond, as well as a wide variety of customized apparel, including swimsuits, deck gear, warm ups, and the ever essential parka.  10% of purchases made through the SilverPeak store return to the club in commission.

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Agon is the offical outfitter of SilverPeak Performance.  Featuring competition apparel such as swimsuits, triathlon suits and tops, cycling jerseys, running singlets and shorts, and warmups, this is the gear you need for race day and swim meets!


Finis is our newest sponsor and affiliate. This company was founded by Californians - in their words, “The storied sense of adventure and draw to the water is in our blood – our products come to life here, we work here and most importantly, we live here.  Located in the heart of the Bay Area, we are inspired by the nearby oceans, lunchtime swims and a widespread culture of innovation.” We order through Finis quarterly and pass on the 40% discount to our teammates. You can order throughout the year using the code peak25 for 25% off.

The FULCRUM paddle from Finis

The FULCRUM paddle from Finis