Race Report – Trick or Tri (October 28, 2017)

It’s always fun to see a new triathlete complete their first race!  SPP was thrilled to be with Kadie Jaffe at the Trick or Tri this year.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience…


Kadie’s First Race – Trick or Tri, October 28th

I think one of the most intimidating parts of completing your first triathlon is all of the coordinating involved. Between gear, transitioning, and the events themselves, there is a lot to think about! Thankfully Charles and Kris made it easy on me. Every step of the way, they were there to remind me what was important and what wasn’t for my first race. With their guidance, I felt prepared and relaxed before Trick or Tri even started!

The Starting Line…

When the race started, I panicked a little during the swim but it was over before I knew it. The rest of the race was great. I must have had a big cheesy smile on my face the whole time! Everyone’s energy is infectious. One of my favorite parts was socializing with other triathletes after the race. I told some about my swim and even the seasoned athletes could totally relate. They were very encouraging and had some great advice for how to relax if it ever happens again.

My goal was just to finish, but I ended up being really pleased with my time.  I’m so happy I just did it! Now I feel confident that going into my next race I’ll know what to expect. Can’t wait until next time and next year’s Trick or Tri!  Thanks SPP for making it possible!

–Kadie Jaffe

Remember that when you race, it’s just yourself you compete with.  The other swimmers, bikers, and runners don’t matter.  Just get out there, do your best, and finish proud.  Charles and Kris try their best to be at everyone’s first races because we know how important this is!  Please always let us know when you are getting ready to compete so we can support you!

Spencer Allen