Long Course – You Know You Want It

Five Reasons to Embrace Long Course Meters Season

I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve thought it before myself.

Oh.  My.  God.  I’ll never get to the end.

But you will.  And you’ll love it.  You just need to do it – just once.

Prior to this year, I had only done one long course meet.  It was my first swim meet EVER, and it was at UCLA.  And I’m not gonna lie – it kicked my ass.  But at the same time, it really empowered me.  It was my first swim meet, after all.  And I did come home with ribbons.

SPP works out in a yards pool so we don’t get to workout in long course.  I can apprecaite the  apprehension.

So here are five reasons to be excited about Long Course….

1.  Two Words:  Flip Turns. 

If you only do 50’s, you have none.  If you only do 100’s, you have one.  See how beautiful that is?

2.  Distance Events are Transcendental. 

I discovered this while competing in the 200 Freestyle at the Santa Barbara meet on June 30th.  It was imperative to just focus on keeping my stroke smooth, getting my elbows high, and keeping my breathing steady.  I could see AND hear Coach Charles during parts of my race.  And I had the best time.  I even ribboned in that event!


3.  Long Course takes place during the summer months. 

What’s not to love?  Sun, warmth, and a good reason to be in the water.  What’s summer without swimming?

4.  Long Course is one of Swimming’s THREE SEASONS.

What other sport has three seasons?  None.  So we get to mix it up a little bit from season to season.  And your times seem a little faster, too!

5.  If it’s good enough for all those Olympians….seriously. 

World Class Athletes swim long course. What other argument do you need?

SPP will be swimming Long Course on Sunday, July 22nd in La Jolla for the San Diego Imperial Masters Championships.  You can still register up until July 21st by clicking here.

Spencer Allen