Another SPP'er crushes it at Nautica

I would have never done the Malibu triathlon if it hadn't been for Silver Peak Performance and Charles McPea’s coaching. I was unsure about doing an open-water swim, I was unclear on how to arrange my transition area, I was afraid of riding my road bike since a big fall three years ago and I didn't want to go to a triathlon alone.

The coaching of open-water entrances and exits made me one of the fastest starts in my age bracket and not once was I uncomfortable in the water during the swim. My transition area was set up perfectly for me and I hydrated constantly thanks to some lectures on how to set it up and the things to think about when transitioning. My transition went without a moment of wasted time. Our team bike rides alleviated my fear of riding and I now thoroughly enjoy long, hard rides again.

And, the icing on the cake was how fun it all was being a part of a team of great and motivated people. Everyone was so generous in the support and encouragement, especially Kris when I exited that water. I had a wonderful time and performed better than I ever expected.

—Lorrell Butterworth

Kris McPeak