Swimmer of the Year!

If you didn’t already know…our very own Karen Younkins was selected at Short Course Meters Championships as the SPMS Swimmer of the Year! We are so incredibly proud of Karen and could not be more elated that she’s a SilverPeak Swimmer!

Here’s a portion of her nomination packet. Congrats, Karen! SPP loves you!!

Karen swam in college at Dickinson College before attending law school at Georgetown.  Beginning her law career here in Los Angeles, she took a break from competitive swimming until last summer.  She reached out to us directly, having found us on the USMS site. And it’s been an incredible relationship ever since then.  

During Short Course Meters season in 2017, Karen swam in 15 events, never placing below 3rd in any event; in fact, she received eleven 1st place finishes in her age group in events such as the 100 fly, 50 fly, and all three backstroke events.

During Short Course Yards season in 2018, Karen competed in 23 events, taking first place in her age group in ALL of her backstroke events.  At the Short Course Yards National Championships in Indianapolis, Karen earned Top Ten Finishes in all her events, including 1st place in the 200 backstroke.  

Finally, during Long Course Meters season in 2018, Karen competed in only 7 events, but she received 1st place ribbons in all her events in regional competition.  And then Karen hopped a plane to Orlando to compete in the USMS Championships with the Pan American Games, competing in four events and earning Top Ten Finishes in all four.  

While it’s hard to overlook how incredible an athlete she is, what’s even more special about Karen Younkins is her heart and her soul.  Karen supports and believes in our team and would honestly go to the ends of the earth to advocate for any of her teammates. She’s a cheerleader, she’s a shoulder to cry on, and she’s a dynamic force when it comes to standing up for SilverPeak Performance and what this team stands for.  She’s an unwavering voice of encouragement and kindness for every single member of our team. And she puts herself out there and on the line when it comes to spreading the word about what we do.

Recently, we were blessed to spend a good part of a Friday with Bill Brenner and Mel Goldstein from USMS.  Karen took the day off from work to attend the get togethers and meetings with these fine gentlemen, and participated in conversations on how to move our club forward and grow our membership.  It never ceases to amaze me how much time and energy Karen is willing to give in the name of US Masters Swimming, SPMS, and SilverPeak Performance. She is more than just a swimmer and a teammate; she is an ambassador for the sport.  

When I want to bounce an idea off someone that’s related to the team or our non-profit organization, Karen is almost always one of the first people I think of.  I respect her opinion very much and she always has the best interests of the team and the sport in mind.

Kris McPeak