SPP Rocked the Rose Bowl!

Seriously - I have the MOST respect for the swimmers who came to hang out and compete the weekend of February 9 - 10 at the Rose Bowl. It was cold. It rained.

And SPP rocked!

Coach Charles was so proud - everyone dropped time in at least one event. I had a personal best in the 200 Breaststroke. Niki Kopp and Anthony Galvez received the High Point for their age groups.

AND - SilverPeak placed 5th at this swim meet! FIFTH PLACE! What an amazing day!

Did I mention that it rained for much of Saturday and most of Sunday? Geez.

So - yeah - this is really just a bragging blog post. SO proud of our swimmers from last weekend.

—Kris McPeak

Kris McPeak